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Terms and Conditions of Vedanta Vidhyarthi Sangha-

We request the listeners to listen to the classes directly from this site and avoid downloading them. Also, students are requested to avoid posting and circulating the audio recordings of Swamiji’s classes in the Internet or in any other form. There are different web sites in which the audio recordings of many talks of Swamiji are illegally available.

Copyright Warning Notices:

We wish to inform that all those web sites carry the audio recordings of Swamiji in violation of all norms of Intellectual Property. We request all such websites, Channels and promoters/students of such activities to remove the content from their respective website/channels with immediate effect and avoid any such activities in future. 

Violating copyright is a serious offense and is punishable. If students are found engaging in this activity, we shall terminate their access to our eLearning program. We request the students to support this and also bring to our notice at

User Name and Password is not required to access free classes of Vedanta Vidhyarthi Sangha.

User License:

Terms and Conditions to access

1. Subscribe To Our Classes

  • Step 1 : E-Learn Online Registration – One time registration is mandatory to procure a unique member number for each student.
  • Step 2 : Post validation you will receive unique Member Number via email
  • Step 3 : Use the received Member number and Password to subscribe to the available on-going classes
  • Step 4 : Send Subscription details (Select the Required Classes from the below table according to your subscription & Payment information) along with Member no. to only.
  • Step 5 : Requested classes will be added to your Library
  • Step 6 : Subscribers who wish to use self-select option need to send a one time request with subscription details (Select the Required Classes from the below table according to your subscription & Payment information) along with Member no. to to activate your account.

Subscribed online classes will be available for 21 days in your library

2. Activation


  • E-Learning subscribers opting for manual request will be charged service charge of Rs.10/- per class at cost. This will be deducted at the end of the month from balance credits. Students are encouraged to opt for self-select to avoid additional charges. This is effective from 07th January 2019 and this manual request option not available for new registration.

Option 2 : SELF SELECT

  • To activate your account its a one time request to send subscription details (Select the Required Classes from the below table according to your subscription & Payment information) along with Member no. to only


  • About Recording: Our classes are digitally recorded in live environment so students may experience background noise.
  • Cause of Delay: Recorded classes are uploaded after technical process.
  • Password Change: Once you received the new password email alert, notify new password to Student requested for password change has to wait for a minimum of 48 hours or more for the change to take effect.
  • Payments: Credit / Debit card charges if any will be collected along with subscription charges
  • Subscription: Subscription is not transferable
  • Refund Policy: Payment once made will not be refunded at any circumstances

Additional Terms and Conditions:

• It is mandatory to keep yourself updated with the latest E-Learn information available online.
• All the students should provide information’s regarding your subscription (Amount Paid/Credit Balance) and contact information whenever requested by Librarian or the representatives.

• Don’t make payment for the following classes before getting prior approval: –
1. Downloadable Courses
2. Divyanadam Chanting Series
3. Courses for Subscriptions
4. Miscellaneous Subscriptions

YMCD Library : This provision is for a restricted group of students in Chennai. Contact Librarian at following Locations directly for additional terms and conditions.
•  Sat&Sun – Morning @ Astikasamajam, Chennai /Evening @ Bala Vidya Mandir, Chennai,
•  Tuesday – Morning @ Sankaralayam, Chennai
To make payment click on subscription tab at then login with your user name and password and select class type as ‘YMCD’ in the subscription page.